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Prosperity Plan


• 45% Payout to Distributors
• 8% World-Wide Bonus Pool
• Seamless International Sponsoring

Few people realize the benefits available to those who own their own business, especially those who work from home. Besides enjoying significant tax advantages you also have a lower overhead than traditional business.

The Tahitian Noni International Prosperity Plan is unique and the most generous in the industry. As a distributor with TNI you have the opportunity to earn four sources of income: Immediate Income, Residual Income, Wealth-Building Income and Access Marketing Income.

Million Dollar Bonus

Qualify as a member of TNI's Bora Bora Club and you'll earn one of the biggest cash bonus payouts in industry history—ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

How to qualify:
Become a Black Pearl with 7 or more personally sponsored, fully qualified Black Pearls for 4 quarters.

You'll also receive:

  • Diamond ring or pendant
  • Key to the company
  • Top available-class travel and accommodations for two to all TNI events

Cash Awards

A huge part of Tahitian Noni International's mission is to transform the lives of its Independent Product Consultants. To do so, TNI has created the industry's most generous compensation plan—but there’s more.

In addition to the 53% paid out through the compensation plan, TNI pays cash awards to advancing IPCs. You'll earn $500 cash for hitting some of the very first pin levels, all the way up to $1,000,000 for reaching the top of the company's plan.

Pearl: $1,000
Pearl Elite: $1,000
Diamond Pearl: $5,000
Diamond Pearl Elite: $10,000
Double Diamond Pearl: $15,000
Triple Diamond Pearl: $20,000

Marquesas Club: $250,000
Nuku Hiva Club: $500,000
Bora Bora Club: $1,000,000

To prevent abuse and encourage consistency and stability, some cash awards are paid over a four-month period and require personal paid-as title with minimum qualified legs and CV. Payout figures are in U.S. dollars.

Diamond Car Program

With TNI, your rewards go beyond commission checks. Hit Diamond Pearl Elite and—among other perks—TNI will help you make your monthly car payment!

And we're not talking economy cars here. Think luxury—hand-stitched leather, polished chrome, cutting-edge gadgets, more horsepower than you'll ever need…the kinds of things that make your neighbors wonder what in the world you do for a job.

Diamond Pearl Elite: $750/month
Double Diamond Pearl: $1,000/month
Triple Diamond Pearl: $1,250/month

Luxury Travel and Lifestyle

Each year, TNI rewards its IPCs with various trips and events that provide everything from luxurious relaxation to training with top field leaders and company executives.

You'll never find another company that sends you more places, more often. It's just another thing that puts the Tahitian Noni opportunity above the rest.

Leadership Convention: Earn complimentary flights and hotel rooms for TNI's leadership convention, the most exciting and spectacular event in the industry!

Pearl Camp: Come to TNI's corporate headquarters in Utah to experience the company’s roots, meet company founders, and tour the corporate headquarters and bottling facilities. Qualifiers have all expenses paid by TNI.

Millionaire Retreat: Every other year, TNI sends top-performing IPCs to an exotic location for a week of luxury and pampering. Past trips have included Maui, Monaco, Oahu, and Switzerland!

Outrigger Club: Spend 7 days in paradise as you discover the roots of TAHITIAN NONI® Juice and TNI. If you're not already 100% committed to the cause, the all-expenses-paid Outrigger trip for two will seal the deal for you.

Black Pearl Club: Members of this prestigious club enjoy a 10-day, expenses-paid luxury cruise to the islands of Tahiti, Bora Bora, Tahaa, Raiatea, and Moorea. Explore paradise with other top leaders and the founders of Tahitian Noni International!

Marquesas Club: The pinnacle of all TNI trips! Marquesas Club members spend 14 days aboard a privately chartered luxury cruise ship, where they journey to the Marquesas Islands and visit the very spot where the Tahitian Noni story began.

Fast Start Bonus

The Fast Start Bonus program is designed to pay distributors immediate income. Distributors are paid weekly on all new business within 5 generations in their organization. TNI distributors also have the opportunity to purchase products at wholesale and earn retail profits and rebates.

Residual Income

Residual Income is royalty-like income that is paid monthly and rewards distributors for ongoing sales in their organization. You can earn commissions up to 8 levels deep and you can bring people into the business in any country that TNI is opened in and receive income from their purchases and the purchases of their organization. There are no restrictions on how large you can build your business.

Wealth-Building Income

Wealth-Building Income is a form of profit sharing. As TNI grows, qualified distributors share in monthly and quarterly bonus pools. These pools are based on TNI's entire worldwide sales. This allows distributors to take advantage of worldwide growth and sales regardless of where they have built their business.

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