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Trish Bain

Trish Bain is a "Success Coach" in Orlando, Florida.

She is a mother and enjoys working her Tahitian Noni International business full time from her home office in Orlando.

Trish joined the Tahitian Noni International Team in 1998 and now, can never imagine doing anything else.

Her background is in Real Estate Sales and Marketing. She has always worked in commission sales because of the unlimited income potential. Trish has always had big dreams and is willing to do the work it takes to make them come true. But, what she came to realize, was that working for someone else limited her income. She learned that if you work for someone else you are never in control of your future.

Trish found that with Tahitian Noni International, she not only can earn unlimited income, but also have time, freedom, and be able to travel the world. In addition, it opened the door for her to help her family and many others to live the lifestyle they all dreamed of having. As a thank you for helping others, Tahitian Noni International has sent Trish to Tahiti, Hawaii, and many other wonderful places.

Trish says, "This is the best company with the most phenomenal products in the world today. I've always been very active and played sports all of my life, but as I reached my late 30's I realized I had accumulated some extra pounds that I needed to lose. In 2003 Tahitian Noni International introduced Tahiti Trim Plan 40, a weight management program. In February 2003, I began the Plan 40 program and by the end of April, I had lost 30 pounds and by August 2003 I had lost a total of 50 pounds!"

Inspired by the accomplished weight loss challenge, Trish took on another life changing Goal. She entered and ran the 26.2 miles of the Walt Disney World Marathon in January of 2004.

Because of a permanent lifestyle change and TTP 40, three years later, Trish has not only not regained her lost weight, but she has completed the Disney Marathon three times!

"I cannot begin to tell you the difference this program has made for me", says Trish, "The effects of achieving nutritional balance were awesome energy and a feeling of well being. From my health to my income, my life has changed completely. This business is fun, simple and duplicatable. You can also live the Tahitian Noni lifestyle. We are still just getting started. Now is the time to catch the 2nd wave and become a TNI success Story yourself."

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